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So, you have held-off filing your taxes for a while … Let us reduce the pain.

Taxes, cash-flow, paying late fees, not knowing what to do, feeling lost and overwhelmed. These are some normal pain-points for our late-filers experience. In fact, even the label, late-filers, does not sound good, right?

Here is where we help. Reality is that most do-it-yourself platforms, never truly capitalize on your tax credit/refund. These platforms even go as far as offering to do your taxes for free, yet, these corporations are still profitable year after year. What is the catch? It is not just them upselling you on a “professional” review of your own work. Their money is made by not capturing all your eligible tax credits, because how could you possibly know everything that applies to you – unless you knew the tax code(s) like the back of your hand. Of course, they offer their services to you for $0 dollars. Your refunds are going into their hands.

We believe you shouldn’t just look for any professional, but specifically, someone who is obsessed with saving you money, while looking after your taxes, year after year. Someone who can study your personal life circumstances, employment and tax credit eligibility, and be aware of all the credits you qualify for. We are willing to bet, you didn’t even know half of the things you could be qualified for. It’s not your fault, they constantly change or become diversified.

How do we reduce the pain for late filers? 

  1. We have a friendly complimentary consultation to learn more about you.
  2. We take that information and measure them against all new and old eligibility you qualify for.
  3. We truly maximize your tax return.
  4. We reduce the overall money that leaves your pocket.

Let’s say you have a penalty of $500 for not filing your taxes for the past few years. If we can find you $500 in tax credits which you qualify for, wouldn’t you want to get this over with? It’s why our clients choose us.

Our professionals not only know what they are doing, they care about you and your long-term tax planning. We do not believe in not paying tax, we just think the majority pay too much tax and get scammed by free platforms which do not do them any real service except pocket the profit that actually exists for the end-user, you.

If our style of thinking matches yours, we’d love to see how we can work with you.

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