Assisting you with all GST/HST services and correspondence with the CRA.

GST is a 5% tax that applies on most goods and services offered in Canada, and HST typically varies from province to province. Almost everyone has to pay GST/HST taxes on their purchases, with the exception of some minority groups and certain provincial and territorial government organizations. GST / HST registrants collect GST / HST on all taxable goods and services in most cases, with the occasional exception for sale of taxable real estate property.

AccNet accounting company Vancouver also helps businesses registered for a business number with a GST/HST account to claim credits to recover paid or payable GST/HST tax on taxable goods and services. In order to be a registrant, your business must make over $30,000 per year.

When it comes to goods and registration, a business cannot register to charge GST/HST if they only provide exempt-only goods. A business must register if: they make taxable sales or leases within Canada, and are not a small supplier.

Our professional accountants will help you identify when to register and start charging GST/HST, how to open or manage an account with our help, charge and collect the GST/HST tax, complete and file returns and remit (pay) the taxes that have been collected. In addition, our accounting services can assist you in claiming your GST/HST rebates, confirming your GST/HST account numbers and applying for GST/HST credit. All of these individual components add up to build a strong foundation for the successful and compliant actions of your business. It is vitally important to us that your business runs smoothly, and every aspect of the taxes charged are immaculately set up and managed.

In order to keep your CRA GST/HST reports fully accurate, our accounting company Vancouver will work with you every step of the way to do complete accuracy checks in order to avoid critical, costly mistakes to your business. We will treat your business as our own and ensure you are on your way to success within every component of how the financial side of your business is run.

Services Include:

✔ Accuracy check

✔ Preparation of periodical GST / HST

✔ Report to CRA

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