Preparing your small business for the holidays can seem like a daunting task, but it can also be a time to get everything in order and complete things you’ve been putting off. Although it is one of the most hectic times of the year, if planned for correctly, it can also bring you fantastic returns on your investments and additional profit, especially with the help of an outsourced accountant Vancouver.

Plan Your Seasonal Marketing & Promotions

Seasonal marketing and promotions are a great way to boost engagement, increase sales, and give people initiatives to purchase your products or services. Plan your holiday social media posts, fine-tune your marketing strategies and make your online presence festive, fun, and engaging.

Hire Seasonal Workers

The holidays can be extra stressful for some businesses, where their main time of profit is the holidays. Now is the time to think about hiring seasonal help and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Prepare Your Website

Is your website ready for increased traffic during the holidays? Whether you are offering a product or service, it’s important to debug your website and make sure everything is running smoothly so you don’t run into trouble as your customers are checking out. In addition, make sure your seasonal products and promotions are visible and easy to find on your homepage.


Make it festive. Decorating your office or retail space can attract more customers and make you stand out from the crowd, helping them see that you take care of and pay special attention to your environment. Order takeout for your team, play holiday tunes and plan a decorating party after-hours or early in the morning.

Hire a Professional Accountant Vancouver

Outsourcing a professional accountant Vancouver can make a world of a difference in how your business operates during the chaotic holidays and whether it sinks, or floats. If you are a small business doing the accounting yourself is usually your priority, but mistakes can be incredibly costly, so getting a professional to handle accounting software and organize your finances is the best way to gain peace of mind and calmly be able to focus on your other important tasks and commitments.

Get in touch with us to get some extra help during the holidays, it can really make all the difference!

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