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Self-employed and looking for guidance on which government financial aid programs work best for you?

Let AccNet Accounting Network Canada help you today.

Why Choose Us?

We will provide you with fast, efficient, and easy-to-follow solutions to claim your benefits.

With AccNet Inc, you will not be spending precious time navigating through government resources or countless hours on the phone, waiting for service centres to answer.

No questions are off-limit. We are here to help claim your applicable benefits and guide you with long-term tax planning.

Maximizing Your Success

We have discounted our premium consultation fees by 50% for a more affordable price during these times.

Our team does not operate on a typical 9 to 5 schedule and offers work around the clock services. You can expect to hear back from us quickly on the same day.

We go above and beyond and will not only guide you through claiming all the benefits applicable to you but also provide advice on the bigger picture of what your personalized tax situation looks like.

Our Gift to You


Complimentary 10 Minute Phone Call
to answer two questions

$150 for each hour thereafter.
A 50% discount from our usual
$300/hour pricing.


Register to have a complimentary 10-minute phone call

We will take note of your situation and connect you with an appropriate tax consultant who fits your needs.

To get in touch with us, please view and agree to all Accnet terms of service and privacy policy.

To call us, 604-330-7982.


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