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Our self employment accounting experts make self-employed taxes hassle-free .

At AccNet, our self employment accounting Vancouver experts and analysts will provide you with an overview of the self employment relations, legalities and regulations in British Columbia for a successful personal tax return. We will present you with the basic trends, issues and main highlights concerning the legal and economical framework of self employment. 

As self-employed workers often make mistakes when filing their taxes, working with self employment accounting professionals for their personal tax return offers the peace of mind in knowing all key considerations and legal issues have been taken into consideration, as well as filed and submitted appropriately. With tax code constantly changing year to year and with great complexity, having experts by your side takes the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on your most important commitments, stress-free.

Our self employment accountants Vancouver will educate you on the numerous differences applicable to being self employed, compared to regular employment. Some of these differences include the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), employment insurance, GST, HST and PST. There is also a number of business expenses you can include on your tax return as a self-employed individual, that regular employees cannot include, such as: legal fees, accounting fees, telephone, laptop and utilities, travel, meals, entertainment, insurance, property taxes, and motor vehicle expenses. There are of course, exemptions to these rules, and our self employment accounting professionals will be sure to inform you of all the complexities and clear up any confusion.

On a self-employed personal tax return, the following income must be declared: employment income, self-employment income, foreign income, interest, dividends, capital gains, and rental income. All of these various types of incomes will be taken care of and organized appropriately by your trusted self employment accountant, to ensure a hassle and headache-free tax season! Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that your self-employment tax returns aren’t an object of stress when their time comes.

Our Self Employment Accounting Vancouver Services Include:


 Understanding type of income  Preparation of tax returns
 Advise clients for related expenses eligible to claim


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