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Streamlining correspondences of fundamental reports and issues with the CRA.

Our accounting services Vancouver take care of all necessary documents required to be sent to the Canada Revenue Agency CRA, ensuring they meet all rules, regulations and legalities, making the process of review and communication between the CRA and the client easier and more efficient. We can oversee fundamental processes and ensure you are receiving important correspondences, notice of assessments, benefit notices and installment reminders. 

Our accounting services ensure our highly experienced accountants are able to become your authorized representatives and review your tax return information, enter new information, make changes, and communicate with the CRA on your behalf. At ACC Net, we are dedicated to troubleshooting issues that come up along the way, save you time, and allow you to focus on your business and your most important commitments. 

We understand that as a startup owner, small business owner, or even as an established business, how hard it can be to ensure document accuracy and establish the documents required to be sent to the CRA. It can be a stressful, complex and confusing process that takes away valuable time from your important tasks and meetings – time that can be spent developing your business. Our accountants are experienced and extensively skilled in dealing with a rich spectrum of CRA filings, issues, documentation, and ensuring their strict regulations, guidelines, rules and legalities are followed with full compliance. 

In addition to the physical logistics, we ensure smooth and hassle-free communication between you and the CRA. Having a professional liaison these conversations makes all the difference in establishing respected, efficient and effective communication which results in your benefit. A professional will know the correct terminology, legalities, and the procedures which are usually undertaken by the CRA.

Canada Revenue Agency- Services Include:


 Business advisory in relation to CRA  Using CRA online services to your advantage
 Liaison communication between CRA and client  Ensure document accuracy
 Ensure submitted documents meet rules & regulations


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