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Innovative transportation-out accounting solutions and efficient tax preparation for a thriving, global industry.

The transportation and infrastructure industry relies on a thriving global and a stable economy. Our transportation-out accounting experts service a wide range of segments within this industry, from automotive, bus and trucking companies to airlines, railroads and truckload carriers.

In some cases, workers in the transportation industry own their vehicles and can, therefore, claim tax deductions for their own money spent while on the road. For example, truck drivers can claim gas expenses, and other workers can deduct certain road expenses they incur while on the job. In addition, some classes and certifications which transportation workers are required to take in order to maintain their special licences are also tax deductible.

The professional, highly qualified transportation-out accounting professionals at AccNet provide you with custom-tailored tax solutions and the necessary knowledge and support to overcome challenges and meet all regulatory and legal standards. With a high standard for quality and perseverance, our strong transportation-out accountingteam will firmly stand behind you to help you reach your goals and attain success, no matter your fleet size or how long you have been in business.

Our Transportation-out Accounting services cover the following areas:

  • Freight quotes & freight costs
  • Freight invoice consolidations
  • Freight & transportation invoice reviewing
  • Transportation-in & transportation-out
  • Tax preparation
  • Preparation of financial statements

The AccNet Accounting Services Vancouver Result:

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your most important reports, analytics and data are being handled by professionals so you can focus on your most important opportunities and commitments.

Long-Term Value

We work with you to build financial freedom, help you recognize profitable opportunities and develop a strategic approach to business that will allow you to establish long-term financial independence.

Perspective Planning

The professionals at AccNet will design a blueprint that will monitor objectives and targets for the successful long-term growth of your business, helping you reach and surpass your financial goals.

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