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Covering all the bases for the safety of your employees.

Work Compensation Board (or WorkSafeBC) is a government organization that ensures the safety of employees, covering eligible costs in the event of workplace incidents. Being a form of insurance provided to injured workers to replace their wages and medical benefits, and are sometimes taxable depending on the unique situation of the individual in question.

This form of insurance is a system that is funded by employers, ensuring that workers are protected if they get injured at work. It ensures that, if a worker gets injured, they will be monetarily compensated for wages lost during their absence, as well as compensated for their medical and rehabilitation bills. This insurance works both ways because it also ensures that the employer is protected from lawsuits, and no blame is directed or assigned to either party. Work compensation board also assign lost wage compensation, regardless of how the injury occurred on the job. 

Employees should do their part in being responsible and ensuring illness and injury are avoided, as well as accurately and fairly reporting injuries that do take place at the workplace so that injured employees can receive their compensation and return to work as soon as possible. Small business accounting professionals can help make this possible. 

Our collective of small business accounting experts has a rich and vast range of experience with individuals filing claims to the Worker’s Compensation Board and addressing challenges in filing their taxes. With regulatory and legal requirements constantly changing and being updated, we are well-versed in the complications we may face along the way, and are committed to always finding the most viable option. Our small business accounting experts will ensure you are properly registered, and if injuries do occur, that they are filed and claimed appropriately and accurately, in accordance with the strictest government rules and regulations.

Worker’s Compensation Board- Services Include:


 Accuracy check  Preparation of periodical WorkSafeBC / WCB
 Ensure accurate payroll

 Ensure accurate subcontractor payments

✔ Report to WorkSafeBC / WCB on behalf of companies


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