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AccNet accounting Vancouver is one of the best and oldest accounting firms as Persian Accountant in Vancouver and Montreal. Firstly, the AccNet accounting network was established in Sweden back in 1964 and in 2004 they opened their office in Canada. They provide different kinds of accounting services like Full cycle accounting, personal and corporate income tax return, General ledger controls and cash flow projects, payroll, savings and pension plans and many more.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AccNet accounting, Maryam Ghoudousi has more than 20 years of experience in accounting. She has more than hundreds of happy clients. Most of the accounting expert says that it is very good for an accountant to be multilingual. It’s in the human nature that, when we find someone like us, we can trust them more. The same policy applies to customers, they feel more comfortable when find accountants belong to the same as their personality and religion.

 These days, it has become the main reason for shutting down small businesses. As we all know, Vancouver is the land of different cultures and different religions. Moreover, it becomes a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and their startup. The AccNet accounting services is the best Persian accountant firm in Vancouver. The population of Persian is nearly 50000 people in Vancouver, who are taking the initiates for starting their own. so, they need an Persian accountant for getting familiar with the laws and regulations of Canada.


There is a list of things gives you benefits after selecting AccNet accounting Vancouver.


1. Removes the language barriers

Choosing an accent by the Persian entrepreneur will remove all language barriers. Moreover, the hesitation is also reduced. The clients know that the person to whom they are getting the services is also Persian or Iranian. They know that the person belongs to their homeland and very familiar with their culture. So they can share all the company problems in a very well manner. The Accountant will also resolve the problem in less time and an effective manner.

2. Long term relation  

The entrepreneurs select one accountant for business through its entire life. It is very rare when one businessman shifts from one accountant to another. They shared all their business secrets with accounting firms with their legal accounting books. So it is very important to have a good accountant before starting the business.


3.Helps in the growth of a business

An accountant shares a big hand in the growth of the business. All the company accounts like balance sheets, income statements and cash flows are prepared by the accountants. And a single error in all these statements can push the company into a huge loss. So the professional accountant always does work with all their efficiency and known for their better work.


4. Provide various services 

After selecting the Accountant who speaks your mother tongue, you will be benefitted by easily understand their services and how these services help in the growth of the business. In these smallest or sole proprietor businesses face loss due to not understanding the good accounting services to their business.  For example, A company have a business in manufacturing mattresses for their customers. It is not a multinational company but they have some stakeholders in the share market. The company arranges the annual general meeting for their shareholders as usual and they need to show the company accounts in meeting. The company owner has two different accountants for preparing the accounts because he didn’t fully aware that one accounting firm has all services like balance sheets, Income statements, Cash flows and other accounts. As the work is done by two people, there are some small mistakes in accounts and decrease the goodwill of that company in the market. If the owner understands the accounting company services and gave work to one company or a single accountant than his company’s goodwill would not be sacrificed.


If you have any questions regarding accounting please do not hesitate to contact  AccNet Inc.

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